Trekking Region

(550.00km2) and Buffer Zone (343.00km2) 

BaNP located in Lumbini was established on 12th July 2010, it joins with Bardiya National Park towards west with a total area of 550.00 km.sq. Hotels can be found along the Southern border of the park. The core region of BaNP falls under Banke district along with Dang and Salyan in the north. Tiger, striped hyena, four- horned antelope are among the few animals protected in the park. Eight types of ecosystem can be found in the park such as, mixed hardwood forest, Sal forest, Bhabar and foothills of Chure range.

Access: One hour drive from Nepalganj to the park’s head office

Activities: Homestay, jungle safari

Best season: Early summer and autumn winter