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Kathmandu Janakpur Tour


JANAKPUR (Birth of place Sita)

Situated  390 kilometers east from Kathmandu. Janakpur is the great religious place in the eastern Terai and  is one of the oldest and most famous cities of Nepal. And famous as the birth of place SITA, Mithila was the capital of the Videha (bodyless) spiritual Janakas, the rulers who were the embodiment of spiritual attainment. Janaki, Sita was born to Sivadhwaga Janaka and was married to Rama, the King of Ayodhya the legendary hero of the great epic Ramayana. A great centre of learning for scholars in ancient times, Janakpur once had hundreds of sages who contributed substantially to Hindu philosophy, with one of their oldest works being the famous Upanisad Brihadarandyaka written in the form of a dialogue which deals with the gods, the nature of Brahma, the supreme reality and the introduction to the self.


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